wut wut in the uc hospital

I just wanted to offer some consultation. I am a former patient of psychiatric services at the University of Cincinnati and i noticed they had a computer laboratory when i was there. 5 years later i thought to myself they might want to get with google docs on the google platform because you can have 6 people typing in a document and i know mental health patients can be quite smart but you could foster creative collaborative writing at your center and it could be more art for your shelves maybe you could even upload the files to kdp.com or lulu.com just saying you could do that you have the equipment to produce major and minor works of writing and you can upload them to finance center and have a product to sell nothing i just thought of you been a while since i been to the hospital i’m really taking my meds now i think the only lawsuit i could file against you as a community of professionals is that you never really did sell me on taking pills the right way like it took us 15 years of fighting to get to the point where i had to decide to just fail and start taking pills i was adamant that there was nothing wrong with me and you kept pursuing me with pills and i finally broke and it’s that that happened that way though like you never put me in a program you never tried to break me you only ever spent about 15 minutes with me every three months like i’m thinking malpractice lawsuit against mental health services but nothing here’s a consultation i think i would have enjoyed typing with someone at the hospital and it would have been cool to sell it

white house

there should be a national TAKE YOUR PILL day for all the mentally ill patients out there that are slacking on taking their pills that a day of media coverage would be dedicated to making certain people like me take their pills so that we can have a better world i figure psychiatry is a steep learning curve and then hella easy like typing and writing after you know how to type but like i think my doctor has me on a generic pill prescription like lithium flufenazine and benzotropine and that’s probably just freshmen out of pscyhiatry school can diagnose me that’s what i think i think my doctor just knows the right tool for the repair

letter to the white house

i’m some kind of sycophant but if you discussed a regulation of spell check getting taken off the computer as a computer science experiment to see what happens with our language have the federal internet browser only giving you access to core websites or something i almost had a hardcore though but if spell check was discussed in congress what do you think a static element did to an organic linguistic process? just saying the source of the problem could be anything i posit spell check

Letter to Governor

We should develop a content management system for marijuana dispensaries in the state of ohio. This was work weed did. We should have a system in place that collects the culture of marijuana which is mostly cultural almost entirely cultural in it’s make up it’s something that breeds culture and there is a little bit of danger to it weed it’s sexy … like if weed had a content management system even if it’s a PHPBB check that out for the state of ohio … google PHPBB it’s like your own conversation tool … then you have reddit and you can create a state reddit and then a dispensary needs to be generated in a vending machine like i need a vending machine with weed in it in north college hill and it only sells one strain of weed and i can buy dime bags from it … i don’t know just creative pro weed writing like if you could put weed in touch with weed like if there WUZ a CMS FOR WEED in OHIO it could very easily be a https://www.phpbb.com/ that’s a beautiful website and you could spend $500,000,000.00 on that site and pay a large percentage towards generating an organic live conversation … i see 500 million dollar salaries like we have to spend some money on work we can’t keep putting the money into our paychecks like you’re supposed to spend money this has been a concerta in d minor … i am writing music more than writing english like i treat the letters of the alphabet like notes i’m just writings songs but think about a https://www.phpbb.com/ phpbb just have someone really look at that they designed a piece of software you can use the same as theirs and it’s plenty good to get in there and compete like TRUMP had one developed you can just download phpbb just saying i can’t do it i’;m on disability for bipolar disorder but i’m used to being poor it’s nice i actually have nothing to worry about unless my letters get me in trouble and then i am sorry i apologize in advance for offending you i need to include that in my email signature

female president

i think a real female empowered woman in the white house would have like chocolate fondue fountains with strawberries big as your fist at her events she would have someone giving her a back massage while she’s walking around i just think it would look different a female president like her power techniques would be different like does she like eating bananas well she has them flown in like a fanatically female president is what i would want to see in most powerful like a diva to end all divas in the most powerful place on the planet and she’s single and on the white house lawn in a tight one piece with the cuts way up her thighs and shes sunbathing because israel said something about check points in new york city and she said she’s listening and shes ready to devour men the white house shot by nicholas lawson


i have https://slsushpile.github.io it’s a book about a 300 foot tall computer and a lot of window dressing i’m nick from north college hill yeah thought i would share you’re people of the book i’m a person of the people that make the book i can show you how to make a book i think this is a good idea to spend 2 years building a website and then in the last few weeks even to just start sharing the work like that part to you have a website publishing is a lot of emails it really is that’s all publishing is is writing emails and directing people to your work


Dear Psychiatrist,
I take Lithium Carbonate, Benzotropine, and Fluphenazine twice daily 7 days a week and i have been good for the past 5 years trouble free it really did free up my personality and changed me as a person in a profound way. i’m not an animal anymore. like if you massaged your message so that there’s a better life when you take your medication like a typical pharmaceutical commercial on television with the GREAT ACTING AND COMPOSITION LIKE THE BEAUTIFUL PHARMACEUTICAL ADS like for Lithium Carbonate like you too can sit in a chair like LITHIUM YOU TOO CAN SIT IN A CHAIR like promote that in your mental health field just sit just take your chair and sit in in it that’s my advice i’m so pinned down financially all i can do is sit it’s like that’s what we’re supposed to do from my perspective

can’t keep a house

Ma I thought of this you said the only reason you’re not giving me the house is because i can’t keep a house but with the terraforming that you did i read recently about some purple moss that you can plant instead of grass like if the graw didn’t grow ma if you didn’t have to mow the grass aw ma it’s over mowing the grass like you don’t feel comfortable leaving me the house because i can’t take care of a house i can live with someone i can live with a neighbor i’m good at roommating i’m an expert friend i’m good with people i have good people skills like hollywood people skills and i think i could take care of the house because i would do something like you did and plant moss or i would pave the entire grassy area with asphalt i have thought of using asphalt on the house i want that house in the melee of you dying and me getting fucked up in the process because you are fucking up my world by dying i get the house like write that in now ever since you first mentioned inheritance last year i been fucked up about it it’s all i think about that is all i think about is the inheritance now


I’m Nicholas Lawson. I’ve been a client since like 2002. I’m high right now you are well aware I smoke weed in Westwood I think Westwood. I was curious could I schedule 2 years in a mental health hospital so that I can be studied off medication and online writing … like if I volunteered to the Marque De Sade it would be good for my career and hella entertaining for everyone myself included like if i checked into bethany house? like a long time from now I just want to know if it possible to move from an apartment that is too hard to live in to something more assisted living. I have this apartment I don’t have a car and the apartment is hard and I was curious if someone would let me write and take care of me with the lithium i am so weak it’s all i can do to just twitch these fingers … could i have an email relationship with a psychologist? that’s what i’m saying i produce a lot of data and i would like a psychologist to go over it because my bullshit could be getting me in trouble and this straight talk ain all i write