I don’t know sometimes I wonder about the world at large. I embrace a mindset that is functional and I just realign myself with my senses and I write. I have a rhetorical style that is altogether interesting and I am just passing through. You’re passing through and I’m passing through and my dreams make me feel like I am special. I might be playing alone. Like there might not be other people. There might not be. This might be the game I play and I just have a sense that there is more to come. Like I just dream of pop star women and leaders of business money and I don’t know much about how all this works I probably just kick back and relax and roll a zig zag and ignite a light to spark the green that i need to explore needs in my weed and i just keep it going and once i started owning my future i started gaining momentum and was lit like a drummer with an ounce in his come up and he had everything that we do this everyday and i write everyday and there needs to be a show so i’ll screen capture some work and edit it and twerk and get to know the reason the season is so good.

Writing about Writing

I could host a regular blogging site. I could write regular blogging posts. I could do that. I’m fresh super fresh out of ideas but I want to keep writing and I think wordpress would be good for that. Just a collection of writings. I could keep writing. I have writing to do. I have to write when I want to and when I don’t want to. I could schedule wordpress into my life. I could do that. I can’t afford hosting and there’s no permaculture with a hosting site if i can’t afford to pay the next year but I could recoup my losses on this site and work here. I could even buy a wordpress plan if I get a loan from my folks. I could put it here. I don’t know I could write a grip more on wordpress. I could write about writing if i needed to. I could write a lengthy article about writing while I am writing the article about writing that it’s about. I could write like that and i could stretch out concepts and post links and I could flesh out a wordpress site again now that I have my placard at I could work here and noteworthy work could go there but my daily routine i want to keep here. I want to keep writing with an intent to be something that I need to be and i am at expedient speed here in this sentence writing about nothing really but having everything to write about and only writing to write about and my writing about writing has gotten better but you need to be able to write about writing if you are writing at all and writing about writing as i am more stable now i am more stable now in 2021 than i was in 2018 i’m of more sound mind now than i was at the beginning of the year i have a routine now that involves buying weed and it’s not weird and i get medication and i write and i think i am a blogger of some kind some kind of blogger i am and in being a blogger i think i need to work to write more often but i write a lot on social media for example facebook in the comment section of the new york times but i could write more in the purpose of the proletariat of my existence i could write here in wordpress and write poetry and prose and play and i could write here and do this for a while.